November 2017 E-Bulletin for TRS

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. For Arbitrators: What Video Evidence Means for You
  2. Video Evidence Submissions Coming in December
  3. Welcome to the New E-Bulletin for TRS!
  4. New TRS Webinars Offered!
  5. TRS Resources Page Now Available
  6. Thank You for Your Feedback

For Arbitrators: What Video Evidence Means for You

The ability for parties to submit video evidence in TRS is coming in December. What does this mean to you, a TRS arbitrator?

First, you will recognize that video has been submitted by the graphic icon. The party can select either “Video Evidence” or another comparable evidence type. Shown below is an example of “Video Evidence” being selected with a description, i.e., recording of our driver’s statement, and the alternative “Statement-Driver” being selected. Either way is acceptable. Again, the graphic icon will convey that the item is a video file.

Screenshot of the Liability Argument tab

Adjust your computer’s audio volume before you play the video.

Other than that, there is nothing else you will need to do. No software or accessory needs to be added to your computer. You just need to consider the video evidence with all the other submitted evidence to render your decision and comment on the video evidence if it has been embedded into the liability arguments and/or was influential to your decision.
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Video Evidence Submissions Coming in December

We are excited to announce that the ability to submit video evidence in TRS is coming in December!

The process to upload and attach video evidence is identical to how any evidence is uploaded and attached in TRS:

1. “Video Evidence” is now an Evidence Types option – The file size cannot exceed 40MB; acceptable file types are .mov, .wmv, .avi, .mp4, .vob.
Screenshot of Evidence Types tab

2. A video graphic depicts that the uploaded file is a video file.
Screenshot of Liability Arguments tab

3. Depending on what the video is of, the submitting party can:
  1. Select “Video Evidence” and use the Description field to explain what it is, i.e., dash cam video of accident, security video showing accident, video of scene.
  2. Select a comparable evidence type such as “Statement-Driver” (the graphic icon will convey that it is a video file).
4. All submitted video file types will be converted in TRS to .mp4 format to eliminate any compatibility issues with the arbitrator.
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Welcome to the New E-Bulletin for TRS!

AF is excited to release our first E-Bulletin for TRS, designed specifically to get the latest news and important information about TRS delivered directly to you.
As a user of TRS, you will automatically receive these important messages, so be sure to stay signed up and “in the know.”
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New TRS Webinars Offered!

Free WebinarAF is offering webinars for companies implementing our new arbitration and subrogation platform, TRS. In this 60-minute session, view a live demonstration of arbitration filing and responding in TRS. Topics include how to embed key evidence into liability arguments and how to attach evidence effectively.

View the webinar schedule and enroll today.
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TRS Resources Page Now Available

Image of a woman looking at a computerWondering what may be filed in TRS? Looking for a refresher on responding to cases in TRS? Or perhaps you are curious about the different terms in Online Filing and TRS. We have resources to help you.

Check out the new TRS Resources page on the AF website!
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Thank You for Your Feedback

Image of two quote bubblesAF continues to reimagine the arbitration and subrogation process through member feedback, and we strive to provide our members with high-quality services that improve our members’ experience. Here is what you have been saying about TRS.

“It was nice to see the carrier and its insured on the side of my screen instead of having to scroll up.”

“Commenting on the evidence when documented was beneficial.”

“We are ecstatic with the cycle time.”

“We plan on using the new platform for all TRS Phase One-eligible cases.”

“As an arbitrator hearing cases, I like how the computer calculates the award for you.”

AF sincerely appreciates our members taking the time to provide feedback on TRS. Do you have feedback you'd like to share with us? Let us know at
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