Upcoming Arbitrator QwikShare — "Clerical Error" Redefined


Enroll today for our upcoming Arbitrator QwikShare! Our QwikShares are 20-minute, topic-specific webinars that focus on post-decision corrections and issues that frequently generate questions from arbitrators. During these instructor-led webinars, attendees may ask questions via Chat. We know your time is valuable. We hope you'll appreciate and take advantage of the opportunity for AF to quickly share important feedback and tips without a significant investment of your time.

Enroll in "Clerical Error" Redefined — Learn about the upcoming revisions to the term "clerical error." Specific examples of clerical errors will be discussed with the goal of preventing these errors before they occur. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions via Chat.

Article published in: June 2017 E-Bulletin for Arbitrators