New Arbitrator Training Courses Offered!

Online Learning

AF 101: An Introductory Course for New Arbitrators
Have you been asked to serve as a member arbitrator and have little or no experience with AF and inter-company arbitration? Or do you simply want to broaden your knowledge of inter-company arbitration and the process? If yes, then our new course is for you!

Our AF 101 course for new arbitrators reviews the Agreements (who can participate, what types of disputes are resolved and excluded) and provides an overview of a case path and some of the common actions by filers and responders, including affirmative pleadings and defenses, deferments, and disputing damages. Enroll in a session on our website.

AF 201: Intermediate Arbitration for Arbitrators
Our AF 201 course was designed for arbitrators who want to increase their knowledge of arbitration from basic to intermediate. Learn practical handling tips and considerations for specific case scenarios, including Affirmative Pleadings and Affirmative Defenses, liability admissions, and awards that involve an adjustment. Enroll in a session on our website.

Article published in: April 2017 E-Bulletin for Arbitrators