December 2016 E-Bulletin for Arbitrators

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. Season's Greetings!
  2. Looking Back and Forward
  3. New Tutorial on Handling Prior Payments

Season's Greetings!

Season's Greetings with Oranaments

Best wishes to our member arbitrators for a joyous holiday season and successful 2017.

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Looking Back and Forward

Like many organizations do at this time, we want to reflect on successes we all shared in 2016. Let us begin by thanking you — our member arbitrators. Your commitment and participation helps us achieve our goal to effectively and efficiently serve our members' recovery and resolution needs. In addition, it helps your employer, our member, meet the arbitrator obligation it assumed when agreeing to become signatory.

Your participation has resulted in the following:

  • The unadjusted cycle time for all cases heard dropped by eight days, going from 84 days in January to 76 days in November. Looking specifically at cases that involved disputed damages, the unadjusted cycle time went from 107 days in January to 72 days in November. These results don't happen without you hearing your case assignments as quickly as possible and hearing cases that involve disputes that you truly are qualified to resolve (Look to the Evidence!).
  • Our overall Decision Quality satisfaction score (top-3 box) rose from 91% in 2015 to 93% in 2016. This, too, is a result that doesn't happen without your commitment to quality, completing our training, being receptive to further coaching, and taking advantage of our other educational offerings.

Throughout 2017, we will continue to offer our successful arbitrator QwikShares. These 20-minute, facilitated webinars allow us to share information on specific topics to give you added confidence when hearing cases and improve decision quality. (If there's a question or topic that you'd like covered, submit it to

Aside from the training resources that AF provides, the National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP) offers a variety of training resources dedicated to the principles of subrogation.

Its Subro College program is a seven-part curriculum that covers topics an individual must understand to become knowledgeable and effective in the subrogation arena. The different courses are designed for those who are relatively new to the field of insurance and subrogation. The classes will broaden the knowledge of the participants, providing them necessary information and tools as they investigate claims and present subrogation demands. Participants will acquire the skills needed to investigate, evaluate, negotiate, and settle claims promptly and fairly from inception to conclusion.

NASP webinars offer one-hour educational sessions on varied topics across all tracks, including auto, property, health, workers' compensation, and litigation skills. Like other NASP educational offerings, webinars offer access to the educational content and training important to subrogation professionals.

Thank you again for your willingness to be an AF arbitrator. You are an integral part of assuring the arbitration process continues to be a source of savings for our members' resources.

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New Tutorial on Handling Prior Payments


Do you know how to identify proof that a prior payment was actually accepted? How about how to enter a decision when the liability assessment creates an award less than the prior payment that was accepted and cashed?

Brush up on handling prior payments with the new tutorial on the Arbitrator Resources page!

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